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AU participates in MWC19 as an exhibitor

Updated: Apr 10

MWC19 is held on 22-24 October in Los Angeles. A number of companies participated to introduce their new technologies. There were not only global major companies such as AT&T, Samsung, Facebook, but also start-up companies.

AU was one of the start-up company participating in MWC19 as an exhibitor. AU showed their own technology - rear occupant alert in automobile & non-contact respiration monitoring.

The attention and requirement of rear occupant alert system is increasing every year due to the infant accidents in automobile. To resolve this kind of problem, AU provides a solution with a radar. It ensures high accuracy, fast response and robust to environment change.

Meanwhile, non-contact respiration monitoring was received very large attention from many attendees. It's because general vital sign monitoring devices are monitoring heartbeat rather than respiration and body-contact system. Although current technology is focused on automobile, it is expected that it will be expanded to various applications.


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